Event: “The New Afrikan Independence Movement and All Struggles for National Liberation”

19 June 2024
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Dream Palace Books & Coffee
111 E 16th St., Suite 101

While Juneteenth is a celebration of a major milestone in the Black/New Afrikan liberation movement, because that movement is far from over, it is also a day to continue the struggle for the liberation of New Afrikan people in the U.S and oppressed and colonized people everywhere. That’s why Free Shaka Shakur, the Shaka Shakur Freedom Campaign, and the Indianapolis Liberation Center are excited to partner with Dream Palace Books & Coffee for “The New Afrikan Independence Movement and Solidarity With All Struggles for National Liberation,” the nationwide launch of Shaka Shakur’s latest booklet!

Hear from Shaka himself about his new work, From the Republic of New Afrika to Palestine: National Liberation In Context, and join in discussion with organizers and activists in Indianapolis and nationwide as we deepen our resolve to fight for the liberation of humanity.

Shakur’s latest writings come shortly after his latest selection of works, The Right to Be Free. Like that book, Shakur reaffirms and amplifies the theory and practice of the New Afrikan Independence Movement. What is distinct about his latest work is how it extends that theory and practice from New Afrika to Palestine and, in doing so, connects a range of national liberation struggles together in accessible ways that can inform our tactics and strategies. Shakur bridges any historical gaps in the struggle of New Afrikans and builds that bridge beyond the prison house of nations called the united states.

Along with a preface by Haki Kweli Shakur and an introductory chapter on the foundations of the New Afrikan Independence Movement, the book’s primary three essays can serve to fortify our struggles and increase our numbers, providing the theoretical clarity for sharpening the unexpected decisions we make in the struggles of our day.

Books are available to order from the Shaka Shakur store now! If you are interested in hosting a satellite book launch in your area, fill out the form below!

* Note: The event will not be live-streamed but we will make a recording of it available shortly afterwards.