Early morning musings

They say there can be no greater appreciation of light unless you have been through the deepest darkness. Becoming conscious, becoming political and socially aware has become the greatest light for me. There is no greater brilliance or radiance than awakening from the mental slumber of lack of knowledge.

There is power in the genius, commitment and mobilization of the people. It is not as kapitalism would have us believe: the vulgar materialism, the collection of things, and the sexual conquest or control/domination over other peoples

How is it that we live in a society where everyone is supposed to be free and yet is alienated from self, self medicating in some form or seeking to escape the social reality in which they exist… Hmm, how is it that we supposedly live in such a great democracy with so much parasitic privilege and yet we have millions of working poor, millions that are homeless or in cages. There must be a contradiction in the lies and propaganda we are being spoon fed.

The ability to be a critical thinker and perform a critical analysis represents one of the greatest strength we have as human beings and represent one of the biggest threats to oppressive power.

The early morning musings of a political prisoner embarking upon his 19th year trapped behind enemy lines…


Shaka Shakur
February 26, 2021