Medical Neglect in Virginia

Shaka Shakur has been suffering from cancer. After the administration drug their feet with his care, they are now being neglectful. Something they do when politicized prisoners are sick.

Facility: Beaumont Correctional Facility in VA He asks that we call the head department of medical, that oversees the entire VDOC VDOC Medical Head Department – 804.674.3000.

What to say:

Your name (optional), the state you are calling from. I have been alerted that Shaka Shakur, 1996207 has cancer and I am Requesting that Further Treatment, a follow up and a second opinion for Prisoner Shaka Shakur 1996207 be carried out immediately. If you would like to correspond with Shaka through family, he can be reached at

Featured photo: Protests outside the Syracuse “Justice” Center. Credit: Syracuse ANSWER Coalition.