Say Her Name!!!!

The following poem was read the following poem at the end of the national launch of Shaka Shakur’s latest book, From the Republic of New Afrika to Palestine: National Liberation in Context.

Sistas of the Struggle and Sistas of the Yam, although you don’t get the credit, We see you.

Womyn of the Movement and the first ones to answer the call, although you don’t get the acknowledgment or accolades, We feel you. We feel your energy, your spirit, and strength. Most of all, We feel your love… even when We don’t know how to embrace it or reciprocate it.

It is you who have sacrificed and held all past and present movements together. It is You who have been the backbone and power behind the throne – although not praised, saluted, and honored as you should be.

We say your name!!!!

We scream your praise as you help Us heal our wounds and wounded spirits, like the proverbial lioness who drags her kill back to the den for Us to feast. Although you’re weary and tired, although you’re not always strong and sometimes want your wounds and scars kissed, caressed with the salve of love and comradeship, We see you.

Although you’re forced to deal with the oppression of the enemy and the powers that be, sometimes We know that, as men who have been schooled and indoctrinated in the art of patriarchy and male privilege/ supremacy, We sometimes contribute to that burden. For that and on behalf of Us all, l apologize.


For the:

Assata Shakurs
Afeni Shakurs
Akili Shakurs
Winnie Mandelas
Eleanor Bumpers
Ramona Afrikas
Pam Afrikas
Sandra Blands
Breona Taylors
Rakeia Boyds
Angela Davises
Marilyn Buckses
Laura Whitethorns
Susan Rosenbergs

Those who stepped up and for some who made the ultimate sacrifice. We thank You!

We salute You and We appreciate You!

It is womyn who holds up half the sky, and there can be no liberation without the liberation of womyn as well. We are equal in this struggle!

All Power To The People!!!