The Pendleton 2 Is All Of Us: We Must Follow Their Example

This was written for an April 12, 2024 rally to Free the Pendleton 2, part of a week of action including an activist workshop and a screening of “The Pendleton 2: They Stood Up.” The text is below the video of Shaka reading it the statement.

Listen to Shaka’s Statement Played at the Rally

Who is the Pendleton 2?

The Pendleton 2 is all of Us who answers the call when comrades call, when their lives are in danger. The P2 are brothers who took the lead in standing up and challenging corrupt, illegitimate and racist power, who was trying to carry out a lynching under the color of law, a murder while hiding behind the prestige of the State.

The Pendleton 2 are comrades who took the initiative, made the sacrifice, and forced other comrades to follow their example. It is now Our turn to make the sacrifice and bring the Pendleton 2 home and free all of Us who have been victims of the culture created and dominated by the “Sons of Light” organization.

In what world or country does someone get 80 to a 100 plus years for intervening in and trying to save the life of another, for trying to prevent the murder of a third party? Seriously.

Is it that Comrade Lokmar Abdul Wadood’s (s/n Lincoln Love) (RIP) life had no value because he was, as a prisoner, being beaten by racist prison guards? Is it because he was a New Afrikan that his life has no value?

In what world or country is a man held in Solitary Confinement on lock-down for 23 hours a day for 30 years (literally) for trying to save someone else’s life? If the P2 would have been in society and stopped, prevented, disarmed, and disciplined an active shooter they would be identified as heroes, invited onto mainstream media platforms, given accolades and funding. This again exposes the hypocrisy of liberal morality and so called amerikan justice.

Whether We are prisoners or civilians, We have a right to fight for and defend Our lives, with arms if necessary. Why? Because Our lives matter, and have value, just like yours. People who have a mental disease identified as racism, who hide behind a badge, and who are employed by the State don’t have a right to take Our lives.

What world or country do We live in where the perpetrators of such crimes can go on record and, under oath, admit that they belonged to a racist terror organization operating within the Indiana Prison system and still keep the P2 in prison for 40 years?

I don’t care what your belief system is: You cannot in good conscience think that is just or honorable. 40 years is enough!! Time is up!!

Free The P2 and all Comrades who have either suffered or been a victim of the Sons of Light Racist Terror Group. We also want those of Us who picked up new criminal charges as a result of the culture this group was allowed to create and hide in… We want those cases/convictions reopened!!


Shaka A. Shakur
New Afrikan Political Prisoner