Welcome to Free Shaka Shakur!

For the first time, Shaka Adiyia Shakur, a political prisoner held captive since 2002, and those struggling along his side to free him and all political prisoners, have a center to help advance the movement against mass incarceration in the U.S.

On Shaka’s new website, you’ll get the latest updates on the campaign to get our comrade out of bars and the ongoing struggles to attain the most basic medical care, find his most foundational theoretical writings as well as his latest work, locate his appearances on podcasts and interviews, and more!

An important prison organizer, leader of the people’s struggles, revolutionary theoretician, and movement spokesperson, having Shaka’s historical and future work centralized through this one-stop-shop, which in turn is a spoke in the hub of the Indianapolis Liberation Center, will significantly advance the struggle to free him and, by doing so, free us all.

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Featured photo: Courtesy of Akili Shakur.