Who We Are That We Can’t See

The following poem appeared at the end of the 1995 pamphlet “Freedom for Shaka Shakur: Re-Build!

Who are We that can’t see the
Death affirming reality?

Who are We that can’t see, that refuses to see
The wars and war maneuvers?
The attacks upon Us? Upon Our minds.
Upon Our Spirit and Our Bodies?

Who are We that are afraid to accept the harsh reality that war
Has been declared on Us as a People? As an Opressed People?

Is the misery and dysfunctionalism
We are plagued by a coincidence?

Is the overwhelming tendency and impulse to escape from and hide
From reality through drugs of all forms and the adult toys
Supplied by a bloated and parasitical system a coincidence?

Who are We? Who are You? Do You know?
Why don’t We want to see?

Why do We not want to see the wars of genocide that are
Raging in Amerikkka? The wars of National Liberation Struggle?

Why don’t we We want to see that if a People are to survive They
Must first know Who They Are. They must conquer fear and
Make a conscious decision to fight back.

Whatever Your Nationality. Whatever Your gender.
Open Your Eyes. Discover Your Inner Self and Who You Are.
Declare war on that which would destroy the Humanity and Human Spirit of the World.

Take a stand and be counted amongst The Righteous.

– Shaka Shakur 5-1-95

Featured photo: Shaka Shakur and his grandson, from the cover of the original 1995 pamphlet.