Shaka’s Civil Rights Claim Against White Supremacist Hate-Crime Attack Refiled!


I was asked to write an update in regards to the hate krime attack I was the victim of by white nationalist guards at River North Correctional Center (RNCC). This physical attack that was spearheaded by officers Michael Brinegar, C.O. Sherwood, and Lt. May is now back in US District Court of Western District of Virginia.


The back story is, after a verbal altercation with a guard at Green Rock Correctional Center, I was emergency transferred to RNCC by a neo-fascist and reactionary named Sgt. Towler. Towler orchestrated my physical assault upon my arrival at RNCC while I was still in trip gear, such as handcuffs, shackles, waist chain, and black box.

On 21 December 2021, I was escorted into a corridor without cameras camera and beaten, sustaining injuries while being called all kinds of racial epithets. There was an internal investigation by the Special Investigation Unit that resulted in the referral of charges against these guards were referred to the Commonwealth. Once again, the Commonwealth chose to protect the perpetrators and refused to pursue charges although all evidence I.e. photos of injuries, contradictory or falsified incident/investigative reports, pointed to their guilt.

In 2022, I filed a 1983 Civil Rights Complaint/Suit, but later withdrew it in mid-2023 after being overwhelmed by the lawyers on the other side, those defending my attacks. Plus, I needed to restructure the suit and find an attorney of my own.

A Movement Firm Takes Up Case

Well, I’m happy to announce that after I refiled this complaint in December 2023 I found representation in the form of two renowned attorneys from the movement law firm, “For the People, LLC.” This organization and its attorneys have a long history of fighting these types of cases.

It is not often that those in my position are able to find lawyers who are committed and not afraid to litigate these kinds of cases. So, I’m blessed and highly appreciative of this support and solidarity. Hopefully we can further expose this officially sanctioned misconduct and brutality under the color of law and bring about some changes.

Anyone who is willing to support this endeavor with time, research, or resources please do not hesitate to reach out to Us. If you have information or know of similar incidents, especially perpetrated by some of the same people involved in my attack, do not hesitate to reach out to Us. Peace.

Dare To Struggle – Dare To Win!!

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