The Coldness Of The System And The Warmth of Resistance

Revolutionary Greetings to all of you on this cold winter day of January 23,

First, I want to thank you, Asante Sana, for the love, support, ’n solidarity that you have shown me and those that share this reality of neo-slavery, of captivity ‘n incarceration.

As I think about the cold elements, I also think about the cold nature of man’s heart, the cold nature of oppression and the capitalist/imperialist system that is responsible for such!

A coldness that would keep me in prison for 23 years and counting for a non-murder, non-drug or sex crime! A coldness that would sentence a man to 62 years for a non-murder!

A coldness that would use a juvenile waiver and conviction that was 20-plus years old to enhance his sentence by 25 years under the “three strike laws” of Indiana!

A coldness that would lock a man down in solitary confinement for 13 consecutive years without any form of due process!

A coldness that would send a man into domestic exile, forcing him out of state, away from his family, loved ones, and support system because of his politics, because of his organizing abilities and level of influence!

A coldness that won’t allow my return back to my home state despite my 84-year-old mother’s recent diagnosis of Stage 4 Cancer!

A coldness that would subject me to 23 years of psychological torture and targeting for practicing what is supposed to be a constitutional right to freedom of expression and speech!

A coldness that has sought to orchestrate his murder, his suicide, his mental deterioration by using that of a reactionary and inmate collaborators buffers/proxies!

A coldness that would place him in a prison on lock-down as the murderer of his only child, forcing him to hear his voice, to acknowledge his daily activities and breathe the same air as him. Can you say psychological warfare?

A coldness that has allowed the systematic bombing and killing of a people of womyn and children to occur for 100 days straight!

  • Free both Palestine and the Republic of New Afrika!!!
  • Free All Political Prisoners, Domestic and Abroad!!!
  • All Power to the People!!!

– Shaka Shakur
12:00 pm EST, January 23, 2024

Featured photo: “The movement is for us all. Credit: Terrance Osborne. Source: Wikimedia Commons.