Volunteer for Free Shaka Shakur!

Tuesday, April 2
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST
Indianapolis Liberation Center

1800 N. Meridian St., Suite 305
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Anybody has what it takes to become an organizer. Everyone can play a role in the fight for freedom and the many struggles for justice that are part of that fight. There are no institutional credentials required for joining the fight; just the desire for a just world and the willingness to dedicate whatever time, energy, and resources you have to make that world a reality.

If you want to take the first step (or the second, third, or fourth step) in building a movement for a better Indianapolis and world, there is no better opportunity than the next Liberation Center volunteer workshop! (The Indianapolis Liberation Center is home to Free Shaka Shakur).

There’s a place for everyone in the movement for a better community and world. The Liberation Center’s increasing activity and growing membership demonstrate what we can achieve through collaboration. On April 2, in addition to our organization, you’ll hear from and learn with our member organizations, including:

Alongside these groups you will also be learning about the struggles you can get involved with and the practical skills to do so such as making placards and signs, developing slogans for campaigns, writing for event descriptions and petitions, and completing routine administrative tasks.

By pooling our resources, knowledge, experiences, and skills together, over the last five months we have achieved tangible victories for our people while continuing to expand our educational, cultural, and other political programming, developing existing fighters and training new fighters in the process. We need to fight in all arenas, from the streets and public institutions to our workplaces and art galleries.

Come out and learn crucial skills for organizing while getting plugged in to struggles taking place right now in our communities!

Featured photo: Bria York, an organizer with the Indianapolis Liberation Center and ANSWER Indiana speaks at the Center’s Free Shaka Shakur event on January 31, 2024. Credit: Indianapolis Liberation Center.